Expand your property sales in one Marketplace

Easily search for exclusive project units, experience real time updates with developers, and perform live bookings for your clients.

Project Listings
Access hundreds of projects from known property developers.

Live Booking Updates
Constant update on unit status to ensure only available units are being displayed.

Payment Recording
Record payments made by your client on a booked unit to inform the developer on the progress of their booking fee payment.

How does Marketplace work?


Sounds interesting! Where do I sign up?

Simply follow the steps to register below by first filling in your mobile number. We’ll then need some of your personal details and your agent ID to help finalize your account.

How do I get started with Marketplace?

After filling in your details below, we’ll send you an email verification link to verify your account. Once you’ve verified your account, we will then perform one final check on our servers to create your account. Simply wait for instructions to proceed to Marketplace within your email.

What’s the most basic requirements needed for me to register?

Other than your personal details, we’ll also need your agent ID (PEA/E/REN). If you’re registering as an agency, we’ll need your registration number.

Will more projects be added in the future?

Yes! We’re constantly getting new developers and their projects onboard to Marketplace.

Are the booking updates done in real-time?

Yes, all booking updates done inside of Marketplace are done in real-time.

I’m having problems using Marketplace. What should I do?

Email us at support@mhub.my or call our friendly MHub Community Manager at
6019 675 6118 during office hours.

How much does MHub Marketplace cost?

From now until the 30th of June 2021, MHub Marketplace is running a promo where the platform can be accessed free-of-charge. Once the promo ends, users who wish to continue using Marketplace will be charged a minimal subscription fee.