Here's Why

Buying a property can be a very rewarding experience. But it can also be a very tedious one with the many processes involved. A typical sales cycle can take up to 3 months and sometimes more.

This is because there are many stakeholders involved in a property transaction.

  • Property developers want to sell properties.
  • Agents want access to listings and updated price list.
  • Banks want to give out loans.
  • Lawyers want to offer conveyancing services.
  • Buyers want a seamless buying experience.

MHub serves as an end-to-end platform for property transactions cycle linking all the stakeholders so that collaboration and deals can happen quicker and more efficiently.



Follow up on leads

Leads obtained offline/online are not tracked properly resulting in dropouts or delayed engagement.


Unknown real time unit availability & pricing

Unless sales teams are physically at the show galleries, they won’t readily know the unit availability / price structure – this can cause double bookings and delays.


Buyer’s Creditworthiness

While booking can be done immediately by paying a booking fee, it takes awhile before buyers know his or her loan eligibility – this translates to opportunity cost.


Loan Application Status

Once a booking is made, the loan application status of the buyers are unknown and it causes opportunity cost in sales especially if buyers are taking too long with their loan and not providing an updates.


Sales & Purchase Signing / Documentation

A necessary step to finalise a deal, appointment for signing, contracts administration are often time consuming and the lack a proper flow means each law firm and developer doing it their way.

The Solution

The solution is MHub; a platform that closes gaps in the property sales cycle. Unlike comparison sites, MHub is a platform that directly connects property sales teams, real estate agents, bankers and lawyers.

Speed up with MHub’s end-to-end transaction platform: